“The King’s Speech is not only a good film based on its own merits, but has won and been nominated in several different categories by known award organisations.” . To mention only a few, it won the Oscar for best motion picture of the year in 2011. If you look up that year of Oscar awards, you will also find that Colin Firth won best performance by an actor, and that Tom Hooper won the best director award and that David Seidler won the best writing for screen play award. The film was also nominated for a row of other Oscar awards such as best cinematography, best costume, best editing, best sound mixing and more.

BAFTA and Golden Globe awards were also given to the King’s speech in several categories, and of course you can find nominations in a variety of different categories for these award ceremonies as well. Thanks also to our friends at window locks for their constant attention and for keeping locked to the blog, we really appreciate that!