With the screen play being of such high calibre, the story so engulfing, and the history of the film something which one can understand, of course there have been many live renditions of it. In musicals, plays and street performances. Among the most known and renowned versions there is the Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s version which has and still is touring the UK with their wonderful rendition. If you keep your ears and eyes open hopefully you, as a King’s speech fanatic will be able to catch the opportunity to see another version of it.

Many commentators have added that it would be great to have many more versions of the film or for the film to be reworked in theaters across the land as this would provide more understanding of what really happened and empower he masses to overcome the problems they may be facing. It is with this level of tenacity and drive to beat a weakness at all odds that makes the story so special. The Camden Locksmith Theater Association have reworked the play version on many occasions to produce a fantastic production from the amateur theater group.

Rooting for new versions and remakes of this wonderful story

we for one are hopeing for a remake of this wonderful reelWho doesn’t love a remake of a great film, and although it would be quite difficult top, however the team here would still love to see this story shown in other formats and other packaging. There is something very human and very grand about this particular story, and it’s one that we would love to relive though a different set of eyes, and a different set of feelings.

There are in the current laws of copy rights involved in many of the story telling industries today, and unfortunately in many events this stops any new versions of the story coming out. The copy right laws are of course there for a reason, but their absurdity is only explained in commercial terms.

However we hope that there are some who share our vision of rendering this story anew and bring it back into the minds of people once again. Whoever the hero to do this will be is yet to be reviled, and we hope that also, together with us patiently and excitedly await that day. The day of the return of one of the most wonderful stories of human feats and history.

Perhaps one day we will live in a world without monarchies, but that day has yet to come, and until then, we do well in having some great stories of the good rulers who are not only heroes but who can serve as great examples and role models for those who feel they are in need of that kind of guidance.

For all intents and purposes, this wonderful film is perfect for a remake, and with hopes that there will be one not too far from now, we heat up the popcorn, slot the DVD in place, and enjoy the best version made so far over and over again.