A Brief History of The British Royal Family at The Time

Born Albert Frederick Arthur George; 14 December 1895. He was the second son of George V and was not expected to take the throne, His older brother Edward VIII who came to the be king when their father passed away in 1936 was on the throne for less than a year he abdicated in order to marry the woman he Loved Wallis Simpson a divorced woman and an American socialite. As The King of England being the head of the Church of England marrying a woman who had been married before was completely unacceptable.

Albert Frederick Arthur George was known as the reluctant king, He assumed a more regal name once appointed the throne and went by “George VI”. Coming to power just before the second world war which meant a huge amount of pressure for him to be there for his country in times of crisis. He believed that his stammer took away from the people’s trust in him as their leader. George VI unlike his portrayal in the film was known for his bad tempered and was rumored to often strike his wife out of frustration and embarrassment over his stutter. The King’s Speech is based on Prince Albert, Duke of York who often struggled with a stutter during everyday conversations.