Fact Vs Fiction

The King’s Speech, is based on the incredible true(ish) story of King George VI, whilst it is not completely historically accurate. With many of the events added for entertainment value it is still a wonderfully British drama, which touches on themes of friendship, love and overcoming the odds. With various embezzlement to make the protagonist far more likable than he was it makes the audience fall in love with the main character the king overcomes a his stutter in a brave feat. “With lots of added comedy that there was unlikely to be true definitely makes this more of a feel good movie than if it had been a more direct and honest biographical drama”. Opinion of Steve from Clapham.

While King George in the film is played by the delightful Colin Firth it is believed that in actual fact he was a cruel and short tempered man but no one wants to watch a 2 hour film about a horrible king overcoming his stammer, that is just not the type of film that wins academy awards. The facts are that King George was the king of England at the time, he had a stammer and Lionel Louge helped him overcome or at least control it for public speaking.

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Speaking of great historical films

the magic of historical filmsA topic close to heart here is that of films which don’t only play out in a historical setting, but which tell human stories of significant to the highest standard within the art of making movies. There is not only the importance of being historically correct, we know that there are many other critics out there who will get hung up on details which are not correct and mishaps which have bypassed the editing and cutting suite. The most prominent example of the accuracy in a favourite for many of the team here, and which to this site is dedicated is the simple fact that it doesn’t come to mind.
Being fully engrossed with the story, without outside distractions in the form of little errors is easy to do during the couple of hours you spend watching this narrative of human development and about overcoming some of the most difficult personal challenges one could face. For us, being able to remove things which cause little pet hates of people to spring into mind is a challenge to say the least. Not everyone is a history major, and can recreate the right type of setting. Not only is the settings of the history something which has to be drawn out of the imagination of the creator, but one also has to work with the fact that how everyone has a different idea of what things should look like. Balance between artist and viewer is quintessential and an achievement worth commending when it comes to the king’s speech.
If you have yet to view this wonderful piece of history, dramatically and effectively recreated by the most talented film makers today, the team here really agrees that it’s about the right time. Giving some time of your day to this beautiful film is highly recommended and will not be regretted.