You get completely get caught up in Colin Firths character he manages to perfectly convey the frustration, if you had never seen him in anything else you could swear he actually had a stammer. The chemistry between Colin Firth and Geoffory rush is fantastic, you can really see why this was up for so many oscars. All the characters are unforgettable it already feels like an instant British classic Helena Bonham Carter plays the doting wife incredibly which makes a big change from her usual odd roles often in her husband films it was a refreshing change to see her in such a restrained and mellow role.

The screenplay, written by David Seidler is excellent. The dry British wit is hilarious. Tom Hooper (Elizabeth I) does a superb job directing this movie, and it is only rated 12a because of the swearing in the funny scene when Louge uses it to try and relax the king, it is still an incredibly feel good film. I should add that Helena Bonham-Carter is also spot-on as the haughty yet practical queen consort. Other more minor roles are effectively played (e.g., Winston Churchill, George V). The entire movie is a perfect blend of history, personal and familial drama, with broader themes of perseverance and overcoming adversity which give it a timeless application.