Fact Vs Fiction

The King’s Speech, is based on the incredible true(ish) story of King George VI, whilst it is not completely historically accurate. With many of the events added for entertainment value it is still a wonderfully British drama, which touches on themes of friendship, love and overcoming the odds. With various embezzlement to make the protagonist far more likable than he was it makes the audience fall in love with the main character the king overcomes a his stutter in a brave feat. “With lots of added comedy that there was unlikely to be true definitely makes this more of a feel good movie than if it had been a more direct and honest biographical drama”.

While King George in the film is played by the delightful Colin Firth it is believed that in actual fact he was a cruel and short tempered man but no one wants to watch a 2 hour film about a horrible king overcoming his stammer, that is just not the type of film that wins academy awards. The facts are that King George was the king of England at the time, he had a stammer and Lionel Louge helped him overcome or at least control it for public speaking.

Truth be told
Security practitioners like to debunk the myths between facts and fiction. Especially at the topic of home security, locks or business security. This is to the general public distinguish between what we take in when watching or reading something. And what is real in the world. There are many security systems and burglar alarms that star in films. Thanks to our locksmith for their contribution

There is some correlation between film security and security alarms that you see on screen. And home alarms that you see installed on buildings today. If you think about the smart technology for instance. The secure way of locking, arming alarms and monitoring your own home though the touch of a device is technology and security. Not that far from what the movies predicted would be.

To be interested in the movies, is to be interested in technology. And if you are looking into security technology specifically for your own benefit. Of the type that will not only keep you safe and secure at home. But that will also provide you with a hub from which you can control it all.

Although the king’s speech is not a science fiction film. Locksmiths and lock specialists agree it a realistic liking of what it would have been like. This is said from a security perspective. And without major fails and falls which would have made the film a flop in the eyes of these local security, lock and key experts. It certainly lands high on the list of things to watch time and time again.

Speaking of great historical films

the magic of historical filmsA topic close to heart here is that of films which don’t only play out in a historical setting, but which tell human stories of significant to the highest standard within the art of making movies. There is not only the importance of being historically correct, we know that there are many other critics out there who will get hung up on details which are not correct and mishaps which have bypassed the editing and cutting suite. The most prominent example of the accuracy in a favourite for many of the team here, and which to this site is dedicated is the simple fact that it doesn’t come to mind.
Being fully engrossed with the story, without outside distractions in the form of little errors is easy to do during the couple of hours you spend watching this narrative of human development and about overcoming some of the most difficult personal challenges one could face.  For us, being able to remove things which cause little pet hates of people to spring into mind is a challenge to say the least. Not everyone is a history major, and can recreate the right type of setting. Not only is the settings of the history something which has to be drawn out of the imagination of the creator, but one also has to work with the fact that how everyone has a different idea of what things should look like. Balance between artist and viewer is quintessential and an achievement worth commending when it comes to the king’s speech.

Film cutting and key cutting is not entirely different things. In the physical practice they may differ. But in the art it is to cut films, at least in the old fashioned way. And the way in locksmiths and security experts cut keys today, is also an art in itself. Granted, a fast one if you choose a skilled key cutting service.

Locks, keys and films also have many things in common. For us the most important part is the symbolism to be had. Keys to locks which open the hearts of people are to be found in film. Just as high tech security is also found there. If you are more of a double agent type of film person. You will no doubt have seen many alarm, and security systems on the screen which impress. Of course these features are exaggerated. However. If you look backwards only a few years you’ll soon come to see that what existed in the films then, security wise, we are up to par with.

The surprising speed at which locks, alarm and monitoring systems have developed over the past few years is enough to baffle anyone. Speak to a local professional locksmith about any high tech or high security locks. Which they can offer and find out the liking to the moves that today’s security equipment holds. Thanks to key cutting and lock repair guys who kindly sponsor this page. The security featured in films is often not exactly what the private homeowner would pick for their home burglar alarm. But with the smart technology, keyless entry systems and motion sensor activated alarms. It’s not all that far off.

If you have yet to view this wonderful piece of history, dramatically and effectively recreated by the most talented film makers today, the team here really agrees that it’s about the right time. Giving some time of your day to this beautiful film is highly recommended and will not be regretted.

Making films is not only an art

Making films
If you ever saw a movie, especially one that was made in Hollywood then you know just how long the cast list can get, or perhaps you don’t know, since you would never sit through it. The film has ended after all. Although the exact number of cast to make a film is not set and in theory you could make one yourself with the solo cast of one, saying that though you would have to do everything yourself, and if you did ever try to make even the smallest film you would find out that you would need help, and soon your cast list would most likely grow to include several other people. The bottom line is that it’s almost impossible to make a great film without a great cast, and that is part of the reason why the film that we are most excited and fanatic about is of such high standards.

The cast is outstanding, the crew that did all the behind the scenes work and all the rest is nothing less than top notch in the case of the King’s speech. Not only did they choose beautiful people to portray the characters, but also great actors who could carry the role of a real monarchy. For the team here the film was completely believable, and we were spellbound the whole time when watching it, all of the hundreds of times that we’ve ran it from start to finish without pause, without bathroom breaks without a breath, as that too was taken the great performances of the wonderful crew, our favourite crew of all times, and we are sure that we are not alone in thinking that, and we feel that our views are highly valid, seeing how many times we have seen the film. If you have questions for the team here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact page, do it now and we’ll be back in touch with you as soon as humanly possible. All the best, from your King’s team.


“The King’s Speech is not only a good film based on its own merits, but has won and been nominated in several different categories by known award organisations.” . To mention only a few, it won the Oscar for best motion picture of the year in 2011. If you look up that year of Oscar awards, you will also find that Colin Firth won best performance by an actor, and that Tom Hooper won the best director award and that David Seidler won the best writing for screen play award. The film was also nominated for a row of other Oscar awards such as best cinematography, best costume, best editing, best sound mixing and more.

BAFTA and Golden Globe awards were also given to the King’s speech in several categories, and of course you can find nominations in a variety of different categories for these award ceremonies as well.

Awards for excellence are rare. And our key points include that locks and installers of them should have their own award. Especially when it comes to window security. Looking out to the world though the TV window you’ll no doubt catch gist of the many terrible things which happen in the world today. Keeping safe and secure in today’s world can prove a challenge if one doesn’t give mind to windows. And the locks which go on them.

Window lock security and installations was perhaps not the most secure way to make a living in these times. However if you were a skilled craftsman and smith. You could provide locks for royalty, but only if you had the right connections already. Perhaps the world was to a greater extent ran based on merit of great security, keys and locking mechanisms fifty years ago. If you were exceptional at your locksmith trade. Making a life as a lock and key specialist was both prestigious and something to be respected for.

The places of practice and the tools used for making keys and installing locks were different. Even going back just a few decades a locksmith key specialist service would look highly different. Thanks also to our friends at window locks for their constant attention and for keeping locked to the blog, we really appreciate that!

Window security was late to catch on as something affordable to the layman. It’s not until recent years that availability of good security and safety from a professional lock expert that good security became widely spread between also regular folk.

We know now that window security and the right window locks is as important as the locks you would put on the front door of your house. This goes for kings, with or without speech impediments as well. The need for good up to date high security locks for your doors and windows are as important today for the homeowner, as royal guards used to be for the one born to rule, chosen by God.


To own this film yourself you’ll be able to purchase it from any major retailer, and of course there are countless number of reasons to have this masterpiece to watch again. There will also be blue ray releases available, and online releases from different companies available. The advantage of owning the film rather than just watching the film on the television is that you will be able to watch it to your heart’s content over and over again.

It is one of those films that you want to watch just time and time again to get that feel good moment. Locksmith Enfield Tom says he has watched the film more than 40 times and each time notices something different about the film. “I guess it is one of those films that makes you realizes what is good in society and the way that we can overcome problems”. It’s a lot like when working with a private person on a home security installation. Where each part is examined, checked, and worked on with different angles in mind. Security features, outdoor lights, and the right locks are what resolves a home security situation. Just as practice and courage makes one takes on other challenges such as we see in the film.

The key of repetition and discovery comes of course from having a place to practice yourself. A place where you can lock yourself away, safe and comfortable. Here you can sit down, under lock and key, safe and secure to watch your favourite film over and over again. If you want to own the film then you should purchase it online as many of the retailers no longer stock some of the older films. Thanks also to Locksmith Richmond shop in in being a loyal supporter of the royal family has decided to keep copies on sale to ensure that any Richmond UK Londoner can buy a copy at a moment’s notice even once the bigger retailers no longer stock the video. That is what you call a true supporter of the Royal family and in good tradition holding onto high quality British entertainment! In addition to providing locks, keys, alarms and security resolutions to locals. Lockchanges, or quick help due to a lockout situation is the only situation where the locksmith can be easily pulled away from his sofa watching this enchanting reel.

Great new DVD and Blue-ray special releases

dvd blueray cover to look forIf you are a die hard fan of this wonderful drama, as the team here is, then it may interest you to know that there are wonderful discs and collector edition packs for the film that you can attain. Of course even if you are not one to be a collector, and perhaps your budget does not have room for extravagant features, however in this case it may be well worth the consideration.

It’s no secret that some films are just special, after all it’s not only money that makes a good movie. As proof to that we see the countless number of Hollywood productions which are made each year, spat out on a conveyor belt of production in hope of hitting the big screens. There is advantage to having financial backing of course, and in no way was our favourite film made on a garage DIY situation, however, as mentioned it takes more than just a large budget to produce greatness.

If you are to get one of the special edition discs which are available, ensure that you get one that has both the commentaries of the director and one with interviews of the actors. Watching these will no doubt enrich your experience for the coming viewings of this film that you have planned in your future.

Today when people choose the films which they will watch with their friend during nights in, there is commonly a striving to find something which is new to all guests, but why not next time ensure that you re-watch a sure classic to be, or at least put it in the suggestion box of choice. Having a good high definition version ready and available may here also help you cause, so make sure you find the suitable copy for you today.


With the screen play being of such high calibre, the story so engulfing, and the history of the film something which one can understand, of course there have been many live renditions of it. In musicals, plays and street performances. Among the most known and renowned versions there is the Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s version which has and still is touring the UK with their wonderful rendition. If you keep your ears and eyes open hopefully you, as a King’s speech fanatic will be able to catch the opportunity to see another version of it.

Many commentators have added that it would be great to have many more versions of the film or for the film to be reworked in theaters across the land as this would provide more understanding of what really happened and empower he masses to overcome the problems they may be facing.

It will be well worth your while to go and see a performance if you have the spare time. Secure your own and your families tickets well in advance. Lock in the date now, and see yourself sitting in a wonderful old fashioned theatre. Well lit with both inside and outside security lights, and ready for an awe inspiring evening.

It is with this level of tenacity and drive to beat a weakness at all odds that makes the story so special. The Bristol Locksmith Theater Association sponsors have reworked the play version on many occasions to produce a fantastic production from the amateur theater group. In the early days of theater and performance, there are many parallels to be drawn with the locksmith profession. The mechanical aspects of stage contraptions and the workings of locking mechanisms and security installations are largely the same. We wouldn’t be surprised if there were a row of lock and key crafters who were recruited for stage building.

Security for theatre buildings, especially ones of great historic value. Is a requirement. Without it the wonderful building stands open to attack, vandalism and theft. Alarm systems and modern day security is often added to antique buildings to keep intruders out.

Our crew are hoping we can hit home a secure date for our favorite screenplay. Remakes do happen just like with key duplications. The copy is never quite precisely the same, but with the right professional key cutter. Your key will be perfect in its own way and will work every time.

Don’t lose the key and get locked out of this wonderful plot line. You can call on our team at anytime for more information about the king’s speech. And please do get in touch if there is anything that you would like to add or if a wonder about something specific sticks in mind.

Rooting for new versions and remakes of this wonderful story

we for one are hopeing for a remake of this wonderful reelWho doesn’t love a remake of a great film, and although it would be quite difficult top, however the team here would still love to see this story shown in other formats and other packaging. There is something very human and very grand about this particular story, and it’s one that we would love to relive though a different set of eyes, and a different set of feelings.

There are in the current laws of copy rights involved in many of the story telling industries today, and unfortunately in many events this stops any new versions of the story coming out. The copy right laws are of course there for a reason, but their absurdity is only explained in commercial terms.

However we hope that there are some who share our vision of rendering this story anew and bring it back into the minds of people once again. Whoever the hero to do this will be is yet to be reviled, and we hope that also, together with us patiently and excitedly await that day. The day of the return of one of the most wonderful stories of human feats and history.

Perhaps one day we will live in a world without monarchies, but that day has yet to come, and until then, we do well in having some great stories of the good rulers who are not only heroes but who can serve as great examples and role models for those who feel they are in need of that kind of guidance.

For all intents and purposes, this wonderful film is perfect for a remake, and with hopes that there will be one not too far from now, we heat up the popcorn, slot the DVD in place, and enjoy the best version made so far over and over again.


Awards won in 2011

The multiple nominations that this film received would take forever to read so here are the awards the film won! The King’s Speech received 12 Oscar nominations, more than any other film in that year. At the 83rd Academy Awards, The King’s Speech won 4 Academy awards for Best Picture, Best Director (Tom Hooper), Best Actor (Colin Firth), and Best Original Screenplay (Seidler). Besides the four categories it won, the film received a total of 12 nominations at the 2011 Oscars.

As well as multiple BAFTAs, BAFTA Award for Best Film 2011 and BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, BAFTA Award for Best British Film, BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and BAFTA Award for Best Film Music. The film also won 5 British Independent film awards;British Independent Film Award for Best Actor, British Independent Film Award for Best British Independent Film, British Independent Film Award for Best Screenplay, British Independent Film Award for Best Supporting Actor and British Independent Film Award for Best Supporting Actress.

3 2011 European Film awards; European Film Award for Best Actor, European Film Award for Best Editor and European Film Awards Audience Award for Best Film. 2 Satellite Awards; Satellite Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama and Satellite Award for Best Original Screenplay. As well as 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards; Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture and Screen Actors Guild Award for “Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role”.

As well as these 3the film won awards across the globe; Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Screenplay, ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards – Period Film, Costume Designers Guild Award for Best Costume Design – Period Film, Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actor, Czech Lion Award for Best Foreign Film, David di Donatello for Best European Film, Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Feature Film, Empire Award for Best Actor , Golden Eagle Award for, Best Foreign Language Film, Goya Award for Best European Film, Independent Spirit Award for Best Foreign Film, Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Foreign Language Film, National, Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor, New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor, Polish Academy Award for Best European Film, Producers Guild of America Award for Best Theatrical Motion Picture and Robert Award for Best Non-American Film.

To secure an award is the same as to secure a door

If awards were given for credibility of security features, locks and technology in films. It would be a great predictor of what type of things we can expect to see in the future on the security market. The cinema, film and tv predict well the outcomes of technological development in the world.

How to lock in for an awardYou best call a locksmith if you are after high technology security gear which both look and feel good. In addition to doing the job of protecting your property. Smart lock technology today has come a long way. And sci fi, futuristic or even films playing out in present day have key, lock and entry systems which are explicable in real life. Of course if you are after specific custom locks. Or high security locks which also play a cosmetic part of your life. Then you’ll have to be ready to pay for it, as commented by Richard from Twickenham Locksmith at work.

However. There are many great local local locksmiths who can help you with security, keys and locks which will carry you safe and secure into the future.

Many alarm designs and every alarm technologies which we have seen in films a couple of decades ago. Are today available on the market. All you need to do is have a browse. To keep good security and to ensure that you are in line with the high security requirements of insurance policies. You best speak to a lock specialist before you buy or have anything installed.

Just like great effort and excellence is required to be given an award in the realms of cinema. A locksmith must go to great lengths to be able to provide any home or business with the lock and key technology appropriate to the scene. To secure an award is years of practice and many hours spent in locksmith training.


You get completely get caught up in Colin Firths character he manages to perfectly convey the frustration, if you had never seen him in anything else you could swear he actually had a stammer. The chemistry between Colin Firth and Geoffory rush is fantastic, you can really see why this was up for so many oscars. All the characters are unforgettable it already feels like an instant British classic Helena Bonham Carter plays the doting wife incredibly which makes a big change from her usual odd roles often in her husband films it was a refreshing change to see her in such a restrained and mellow role.

The screenplay, written by David Seidler is excellent. The dry British wit is hilarious. Tom Hooper (Elizabeth I) does a superb job directing this movie, and it is only rated 12a because of the swearing in the funny scene when Louge uses it to try and relax the king, it is still an incredibly feel good film. I should add that Helena Bonham-Carter is also spot-on as the haughty yet practical queen consort. Other more minor roles are effectively played (e.g., Winston Churchill, George V). The entire movie is a perfect blend of history, personal and familial drama, with broader themes of perseverance and overcoming adversity which give it a timeless application.

A acting achievement without like

colin firth our favourite actorWe cannot begin to comment on the great line up of actors who stand alone as great individually and together. We would like to give attention to day to the lead male role, and in this favourite film of ours King George VI is played by Colin Firth from Bristol.

If you are a film watcher you will no doubt be astonished by the convincing and enthralling performance. In other words, the character comes to life, and without as much as a flicker of criticism can be held as you simply forget time when told a story in this magical way, by inspiring individuals who completely capture the essence of the role they are playing, and of course also capture our full and undivided attention.

Born in an academic British family, son to a religion lecturer and a history lecturer who in turn were born from missionaries. The siblings of this fantastic actor are also in the same industry, and both Katie and Jonathan are similarly pursuing careers in the same field, and successfully so.

Having grown up acting, theatre and movies, the introduction to the scene was at an early age, and already in infant school the role of Jack Frost was played in a Christmas pantomime. Since then there has been a wide range of different education and involvement which has lead to the nomination for many great awards including winning the Oscar for best leading role for the film we love the most. And without a doubt, rightfully so, his acting in this commanding role is of no like, and you will have to look far and wide to find any performance in the cinematic world today which even comes close to matching.


Here we are just fanatic about all that is this film, from the great production which came from pulling together some of this generations best film makers, actors and script writers. We do our best to ensure that all bases are covered, but if there is something that you are searching for with regards to the film that you cannot find here, please let us know via the contact page, and we will do our best to get things up to standard as soon as possible.

For us the King’s speech is a film which expresses all it needs to on its own, and the best way to understand the how’s and why’s to that is of course to watch it. And from there should you get caught in the King’s Speech wave do your research from there. This film has all which a good historical drama should contain to be complete.

If you have any questions to us, also feel free to contact us with them and we will happily answer your questions as best we can. And if you have not yet seen this fantastic piece of art work, now is the time to find it! Below you can enjoy a taste of it.


A Brief History of The British Royal Family at The Time

Born Albert Frederick Arthur George; 14 December 1895. He was the second son of George V and was not expected to take the throne, His older brother Edward VIII who came to the be king when their father passed away in 1936 was on the throne for less than a year he abdicated in order to marry the woman he Loved Wallis Simpson a divorced woman and an American socialite. As The King of England being the head of the Church of England marrying a woman who had been married before was completely unacceptable.

Albert Frederick Arthur George was known as the reluctant king, He assumed a more regal name once appointed the throne and went by “George VI”. Coming to power just before the second world war which meant a huge amount of pressure for him to be there for his country in times of crisis. He believed that his stammer took away from the people’s trust in him as their leader. George VI unlike his portrayal in the film was known for his bad tempered and was rumored to often strike his wife out of frustration and embarrassment over his stutter. The King’s Speech is based on Prince Albert, Duke of York who often struggled with a stutter during everyday conversations.