Fact Vs Fiction The King’s Speech, is based on the incredible true(ish) story of King George VI, whilst it is not completely historically accurate. With many of the events added for entertainment value it is still a wonderfully British drama, which touches on themes of friendship, love and overcoming the odds. With various embezzlement to… Continue reading filmmakers


“The King’s Speech is not only a good film based on its own merits, but has won and been nominated in several different categories by known award organisations.” . To mention only a few, it won the Oscar for best motion picture of the year in 2011. If you look up that year of Oscar… Continue reading press


To own this film yourself you’ll be able to purchase it from any major retailer, and of course there are countless number of reasons to have this masterpiece to watch again. There will also be blue ray releases available, and online releases from different companies available. The advantage of owning the film rather than just… Continue reading dvd


With the screen play being of such high calibre, the story so engulfing, and the history of the film something which one can understand, of course there have been many live renditions of it. In musicals, plays and street performances. Among the most known and renowned versions there is the Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s version which… Continue reading live


Awards won in 2011 The multiple nominations that this film received would take forever to read so here are the awards the film won! The King’s Speech received 12 Oscar nominations, more than any other film in that year. At the 83rd Academy Awards, The King’s Speech won 4 Academy awards for Best Picture, Best… Continue reading media


You get completely get caught up in Colin Firths character he manages to perfectly convey the frustration, if you had never seen him in anything else you could swear he actually had a stammer. The chemistry between Colin Firth and Geoffory rush is fantastic, you can really see why this was up for so many… Continue reading cast


Here we are just fanatic about all that is this film, from the great production which came from pulling together some of this generations best film makers, actors and script writers. We do our best to ensure that all bases are covered, but if there is something that you are searching for with regards to… Continue reading about


A Brief History of The British Royal Family at The Time Born Albert Frederick Arthur George; 14 December 1895. He was the second son of George V and was not expected to take the throne, His older brother Edward VIII who came to the be king when their father passed away in 1936 was on… Continue reading index