Here we are just fanatic about all that is this film, from the great production which came from pulling together some of this generations best film makers, actors and script writers. We do our best to ensure that all bases are covered, but if there is something that you are searching for with regards to the film that you cannot find here, please let us know via the contact page, and we will do our best to get things up to standard as soon as possible.

For us the King’s speech is a film which expresses all it needs to on its own, and the best way to understand the how’s and why’s to that is of course to watch it. And from there should you get caught in the King’s Speech wave do your research from there. This film has all which a good historical drama should contain to be complete.

If you have any questions to us, also feel free to contact us with them and we will happily answer your questions as best we can. And if you have not yet seen this fantastic piece of art work, now is the time to find it! Below you can enjoy a taste of it.